Get lost in the alleyways of Tokyo where tradition and the electric battle. Hokusai patterns are reimagined in scale balanced with natural wood materials referencing the age-old art of Kigumi architecture. Hints of Yoyogi park are captured through our abstract Ikebana arrangements while iridescent accents evoke the neon magnetism of Sinjuku.     

what's included:

Junmai sake, Pandan and Yuzu come together to create a rich balance in this tasteful Japanese-inspired cocktail. A clash between traditional elements and the unexpected mirror the contemporary paradoxes of our destination.


Mini steamed baos, tamari glazed beef and sesame oil salmon are just hints of the flavorful tastes that encapsulate our take of the far east city. Our tapas menu is grounded in our shiso cured salmon and roast maitake and shitake mushroom salad complete with a miso dressing. Chocolate filled coconut donuts and Green teas shu cream and crystalized ginger pastries top off our menu.


The balance between old and new, neon and natural come to play in the design of Hokusai. A table linen reinterprets historic Hokusai prints by adapting scale and muting colors. Iridescent accents bring the vibrancy and the electricity of the modern metropolis while slick matte black service elements celebrate meticulous Japanese design.


Artful Ikebana-inspired arrangements in rich deep hues accent the minimal matte black vases that complement the optical Hokusai table linen pattern. A curated playlist beckons guests for a night out in Tokyo, loosing themselves as they discovery the city’s vibrant alleyways.