The legacy of the desert road trip and of the roadside Motel seep into our collection through materiality and our enveloping cadmium red-inspired setting. References to Judd’s Chinati Foundation are also turned into napkin rings and votive candles. A deliciously casual BBQ fare is served in enamel plates and is paired with the perfect ‘road trip’ playlist mixing juke box classics and Neo-psychedelia.

what's included:

Bar Snacks
bbq grissini (GF, DF, V)

the real slim shandy 
whiskey | poblano liqueur | lime | beer shiner bock | red pepper juice


hogs in a blanket w. spicy sausage + fennel gel"
deviled eggs with jalapeño and red pepper crisp (GF, DF, Vg)
shrimp in grits with bacon and poblanos (GF, DF) 
twice baked potato with aged cheddar and smoked tomato (GF, Vg)

Bigger Bites
chipotle caesar with puffed corn nut and chile toasted pumpkin seeds (GF, Vg)
crab hush puppie with spicy red pepper coulis

For Graze Selection
naked macaroni n'cheese with mixed macaroni, aged cheddar fondue and spicy bbq breadcrumbs (DF, Vg)
slab bacon with black eyed peas n’ rice and hot pepper jelly (GF, DF) 

For Indulge Selection
BBQ pulled pork (GF, DF) 
cheesy grit gratin, smoky vegan collards, pickled cucumbers and onions, moist cornbread, bbq sauce

Dessert Box
apricot creme puff with torched marshmallow 
bread pudding with butterscotch sauce


A Donald Judd inspired print covers our table in deep cadmium red referencing the scourging heat of the Texan desert. Enamel plates and glassware nod to roadside diners and street food trucks along Highway 190W. Concrete votives and napkin rings allude to the awe-inspiring installations of the Chinati Foundation.


wine glass | cocktail glass | plates | silverware | textile | napkins | napkin rings | votive holders


An optical and geometric large vase plays with the illusions reminiscent of Dan Flavin’s light installations. Bright blues and reds bring additional boldness to our BBQ setting. A curated playlist of road trip tunes and juke box hits set the mood for our all-American affair.


party by numbers scented candle | fresh floral arrangements | neon sculpture | bose soundlink speaker