The Cart

Designed as the “Swiss Army Knife” for entertaining, our pantented Cart is part bar cart and part airline trolley. With cabinets housing everything you need to party, each rented cart serves up to 16 guests and includes instructions designed to set the party up in under one hour.

When the party is over, hosts simply put everything back in the cart and we pick it up the next day.


Our materials were hand-selected for beauty and performance. From our powdered coated metal doors to our Corian bar top finishes, the Cart is durable, food safe and easy to sanitize.


Function and form. We’ve created an elegant delivery device that doubles as the bar at our host’s party place. A muted color palette of grays, whites and brass accents allows the Cart to easily blend into any environment.


The Cart ensures every element necessary for the perfect party fits within it. Each cabinet was carefully developed to be intuitive, and is easy and fun to setup.


The Cart's utility drove our design without ever compormising the beauty and style of our finely constructed party device.

Our Inventions

Our patented inventions bring an added flair and surprise to your party. From our ready-to-serve hors d’oeuvres box to our delectable dessert vessel, we’ve reimagined how to gather at every step.

The HDV Kit

A wooden carrying box, doubling as a playful service device, opens to reveal sculptural silicon trays filled with pre-made, ready to heat-or-eat hors d’oeuvres.

The handheld sculpture

Two thematic vertical food-safe pieces nest into a wood base to display bigger bite food items in these show-stopping food sculptures.

The stage

Set the stage with a wood-based, stone and metal riser to hold our meal service. Ceramic servings dishes go straight from the oven to the riser and meet a unique topping device that sits atop a votive-based “burner”.

The Dessert Box

The dessert box hides and reveals a lazy-Susan style “cake” tier. A knob at the top holds a sparkler style candle just in case it’s someone’s special day.