About Party by Numbers

All parties are based on numbers, but numbers aren’t fun. They are the swirling technical interplay of math that event professionals yield on checklists and line-item budgets that make days of celebration seem stress free. The truth is, it takes a team to pull off a proper party--and we’ve got two of the most innovative event companies in New York re-imagining how you entertain.

Numbers are also more than the math underneath our concept. They are word play for the collaboration that has defined The Gathery and Pinch Food Design’s relationship for over a decade. It also extends to the makers, artisans and artists we love to work with and feature as product collaborators throughout the Party by Numbers experience.

Parties should have always been as simple as 1-2-3-4.


In creating our product we enlisted friends and collaborators we admire. From our curated playlists and our fragrant candle to our custom hand-thrown ceramic cocktail plates.

Jered’s Pottery

Maker: The Party By Number Plate
Founded in the belief that beautiful design inevitably comes from fine craftsmanship, Jered’s Pottery is a West Coast based studio inspired by the fascinating way people interact with ordinary objects and the subtle details that make the whole.

Les Filles

Maker: The Playlists
Les Filles is a global music collective that represents female-identifying musicians whose breadth of experience and insights into the music industry couple with the tenacity and drive to deliver highly curated sound experiences.

Arquiste Parfumeur

Maker: Party by Numbers Candles
Curated by Carlos Huber, an architect specializing in historic preservation, Arquiste is a fragrance collection that transports the wearer to evocative moments in history. Each original Arquiste fragrance is inspired by a place and time represented in nuanced detail.

Tin Can Studios

Maker: The Floral
Tin Can Studios is a floral design studio based in Brooklyn, New York specializing in creating floral experiences for corporate events and weddings. Led by Ingrid Carozzi, Tin Can is recognized for their lush, asymmetrical floral arrangements and installations.

Meri Meri

Maker: Party Packs
The Meri Meri family of products are their passion, crafted lovingly because they come from one goal: to preserve the wonder of childhood throughout a whole life.  And because grown-ups need to play too, our occasion Party Packs to assist in our shared mission of evoking lasting memories.

Bednark Studio

Maker: The Cart
Bednark Studio is a full-service fabrication company partnering with industry leading designers, architects, agencies and brands to create exciting, transformational consumer experiences and products.